About us


Elevators are now designed and manufactured in Sri Lanka and we are proud to be the pioneers.

It may be hard to swallow, but yet, it is a fact that we have pioneered the manufacture of elevators in Sri  Lanka, and even as it is, we remain to be the only manufacturer of elevators and allied components in little Sri Lanka.

In fact we are really proud to lead the way in an industry much behind the curtain, and one which had been totally dependent on foreign resources. Besides it happens to be an industry in which no organization or individual had shown any form of interest in development or diversification in order to suit the needs our country and its financial limitations.



We ventured out as a family concern in mid 2002, and took the plunge in an industry already manoeuvred by large organizations backed by unlimited finances.


However, we must state that we have now reached a position of regard in this short  sphere of time, due undoubtedly to the efforts and expertise of our managing director Mr. Luxman Senanayake who counts over 25 years experience in this field; having worked as a technical expert in Sri Lanka and many foreign Countries. Besides, he is ably supported by his own brothers who incidentally happen to account for many years of experience themselves.